Popular Books

Below is a selection of popular books on gravitational waves that you may find interesting:

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony
Google Books | Amazon.com (seems to be out of print, but you can buy inexpensive used versions here)

This is an excellent introduction to gravitational waves and the search for them.

Ripples on a Cosmic Sea
Google Books | Amazon.com

This is another excellent introduction to gravitational waves.

Gravity's Shadow
Google Books | Amazon.com

This is an insider's look into how we, the scientists, look for gravitational waves and the issues that effect how we work.

Gravity's Ghost
(sequel to Gravity's Shadow)
Google Books | Amazon.com

This book picks up where Gravity's Shadow left off - and how the first true candidate gravitational-wave detection (which was a blind injection test, called the Equinox Event) was handled.